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The aim of our Puppy Pre-school is:

  •  to help puppies become well adjusted & socialised dogs
  • to teach owners basic puppy care & training techniques

Classes are run regularly throughout the year, with start dates confirmed once the majority of places have been booked. Contact the clinic for prices and the next start date if you are interested. Classes are held from 5.30 - 6.30pm on an allocated weeknight, and are run over four consecutive weeks. 


The ideal age for puppies attending the class is between 6 and 14 weeks, with puppies preferably starting the class no later than 11 weeks of age. This age interval is the main socialisation period for puppies. Outside of this, the opportunities offered by Puppy Preschool are limited - a formal dog obedience class may become more appropriate.


Before attending each Puppy Preschool class:

  • In the afternoon before the class allow your puppy to sleep, don’t feed it before coming (we use food to train the puppies) and take your puppy outside to the toilet just before leaving home.
  • When arriving at the clinic please carry your puppy in from the car to avoid contact with areas where other dogs have been.
  • Ensure your puppy has had the first vaccination against Parvovirus at least one week prior to attending the class.
  • Ensure your puppy is confined on your property for the duration of the course. In particular, they should have no opportunity to come into contact with unvaccinated dogs.
  • If your puppy has a skin disorder, vomits, has diarrhoea, is lethargic or off colour, let us know. For their sake and the safety of the others we will need to check them. The family can still attend and observe, but the puppy may have to miss the class.
  • Owners need to have a soft collar and lead on their puppy when attending the class.
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