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New gear means better care!



Clinic news!  We have a brand new Computer Radiology machine that is capable of producing superior quality radiographic pictures.  This is an excellent diagnostic tool and gives quick results.  The really exciting thing with this machine is that images can be magnified, darkened or lightened, and rotated for viewing and diagnostic purposes.



Our first patient to benefit from this new technology was a 4 year old Huntaway who had been in a fight with another farm dog 10 days prior to visiting the clinic.  He had a wound on the side of his nose that was discharging pus and not healing. He was otherwise bright and active.  He was given antibiotics at his initial visit to treat infection, which is common with bite wounds.



A month later the wound had healed over, but there was still a firm lump about the size of a large pea that just wouldn’t go away.  Radiographs were taken with our new digital technology and we discovered a small calcified foreign body visible between the skin and underlying bone.  This may have been difficult to pick up without the benefit of high quality images (see below).


 Surgery was performed the next day.  The lump was opened and examined and a small fragment of ‘tooth’ retrieved. This dog’s lump has now reduced in size and healed over with no further problems.  A fantastic result.

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