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Vet Associates Hastings

814 Francis Hicks Ave

Raureka, Hastings


Ph:   (06) 878 8666

Fax:   (06) 870 9109



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Mon - Fri : 8am to 5.30pm

Sat : 9am to 12pm

Sun : 10am to 12pm

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A quick tour through our clinic



    The Reception Area


Reception AreaThis is the first area you will see on entering our clinic, where you will be greeted by our reception staff. There is a waiting area, along with displays of our pet supplies and premium food brands.

 Clients can purchase non-prescription products over the counter with advice from our well trained staff, including:

  • Flea treatments
  • Worm treatments
  • Shampoos
  • Collars and leads
  • Grooming aids
  • Premium foods
  • Cat carry cages and boxes

A weighing scale is available for all members of the public to use for assessing the weight of their pets. Our experienced veterinary nurses are more than happy to offer free advice on ideal weights and feeding programs based on the current weight and condition score of your pet.

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 Consultation Rooms


Consult RoomThe small animal side of the business is serviced by two consultation rooms, each fully equipped with the tools necessary for providing thorough physical & diagnostic examinations of your pets.

Our back consultation room also contains diagnostic equipment for microscopic sample examination, ultrasound scanning and radiography (xray).

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SurgeryThere is a dedicated sterile surgery suite fully equipped for a wide range of surgeries, ranging from routine desexing operations to exploratory & orthopaedic operations.

The metered anaesthetic machine uses isoflurothane gas & incorporates oxygen, heart rate & breathing monitors. Doppler (or blood pressure) monitoring is also available when needed.

An ultrasonic dental scaler and polishing unit is housed in the surgery and is used routinely for providing companion animal dental services.

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 Companion Animal Facilities


Companion Animal FacilitiesThe consultation rooms are supported by a well stocked pharmacy, allowing most animal prescription needs to be met immediately.

There is a kennel area which is temperature controlled for comfort, and an isolation ward for infectious cases.

There is also a radiograph developing room and a dark room for ultraviolet ringworm testing.

A blood chemistry analyzer is housed in the small animal area which allows for same day in-house blood testing. This is routinely used for pre-anaesthetic blood testing & monitoring hospital cases.

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 Large Animal Facilities


Large Animal FacilitiesThe majority of our farm animal work is performed off-site at client properties. However, the clinic is situated adjacent to a grassy paddock which is used frequently for horse examination, radiography and dentistry, along with housing the occasional sick goat or sheep.

We have a mobile scanner, endoscope and radiography machine, so equine diagnostic work can be performed out in the field. We also have a dedicated portable “Heads Up” pregnancy scanner for use in cattle pregnancy scanning.

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 Product Storeroom


Large Animal Product StoreAt the rear of the clinic, there is a large product storeroom, which contains an extensive range of companion, farm animal & equine products. Please ask to view our quality range and benefit from a little free advice care of our knowledgable staff along the way. Popular products available include;

  • Drenches, Pour Ons, Dips
  • Horse Worming Pastes
  • Trace Elements and Metabolics
  • Antibiotics and Injectables
  • Horse Electrolytes
  • Vaccines
  • Bandages
  • Ointments and Lotions
  • Vaccine Guns and Syringes.

There is always a veterinarian on hand to discuss any questions or needs our farming and equine clients may have.

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